Why visit Vitoria Stone Fair

Expanding Market

With the largest diversity of stones in the world, in over 1,500 active quarries, resulting in a production of 9.5 million tons, Brazil conquered its space on the world stage in just a decade, with investments made in extraction technology. and beneficiation. There are more than 10,000 companies operating in the sector, being 400 companies with international operations, with modern parks and which have an important participation in the Brazilian trade balance.

Espirito Santo

Located in the Southeast, Espírito Santo has the largest rock processing park and is the main exporter of slabs and blocks in Brazil, accounting for over 95% of sales of manufactured goods abroad. Besides being one of the most attractive Brazilian states, due to its natural and cultural attractions, Espírito Santo has a strong economic expression in the national scenario. It is the host state of the 2 main fairs of the Latin American segment.

Vitoria Stone Fair Marmomac Latin America

A reference event for the ornamental stone sector in Brazil and the Americas, the international fair brings together an exuberant exhibition, with various types of materials with unique colors, textures and movements. Visitors have the opportunity to admire the most beautiful marbles, granites, quartzites and other materials, from the basic, exotic to the super exotic, which attract buyers from all continents and are the favorite in carrying out major architectural projects around the world.

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